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Recycling mode

The city of Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna) created a meeting spot and sport fields recycling containers.

Ravenna, on the Adriatic coast, transformed a former warehouse into a meeting spot and a sport center keeping the saoul of industrial zone. The temporary project, summer 2018, involved setting up 28 shipping containers retired from the port of Ravenna to create a new 4,000-square metre sporting and recreation complex open to all, based on three fundamental principles: sociality, innovation and sustainability. Darsena Pop Up is part of the Ravenna Greenport project, focused on reviving the areas around the port, which allowed them to explore more avenues of research and experimentation in terms of technology.

One question is still on-going...will it keep running in 2019? Who knows but we can only welcome this fantastic project!

Designed by the Officina Meme architecture studio.

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