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My journey to the Minimalism

Like many of you, the famous documentary "The Minimalists" proposed by Netflix challenged me. I thought I was already in a "less is more" mode, I felt the queen of the collectors.

But it made me think ... After much research on the fundaments and main principles of this new concept, I decided to apply them to my interior.

I started sorting out my stuff to keep only the objects I really wanted. At first, it seemed easy even welfare. I sold, gave and donated everything I did not really need and I felt lighter. The sense of space was growing.

Then came the anxiety when minimalism went through the door of my space, my favorite room, my temple ... more commonly called “dressing room"! Faced with my bags and shoes, all my good intentions have disappeared. Minimalism will not come through here. It will stay at the doorstep.

Despite a deep and intense reflection of several days, I kept most of the elements of my dresssing room. I decided to limit the minimalism to make my own one.

I would like to share my vision and my experience of the concept in housing.

What I could observe in the interiors of some relatives who missed the “train of minimalism” is that their house was full of "polluting objects" sending them back to their stressful day.

Invoices on a piece of furniture, professional computers in the dining room, coats piled up on an armchair, etc ... all these objects related to the stress, noise and adrenaline that inhabited them all day long. I wondered how can they charge their batteries to face the next day? Conclusion, the batteries were not fully charged!

So how can I create a space that gives us the opportunity to face serenely the next day?

I continued my journey in Minimalism by meeting Grégory, The belgian minimalist reference*.

I tried to better understand the values ​​and foundations of this new way of life. Pleasantly surprised by his "non-extremist" approach to the concept, it led me to rethink my conception of minimalist housing and what I want to pass on my housing projects.

More than a way of life, it is a true philosophy that meets my desire, in each of my projects, to create spaces bringing a tranquility in which we feel good.

This does not mean to ignore the beauty or the design of the objects. But rather a creation of a peaceful space through elements which have a real value for the interior.

The interest of minimalism in housing is a chance to give more space to forms, materials and quality because our home exists to serve us and not the opposite.

Some principles to start minimalism:

* create space, freedom of movement and plenty of light;

* simplicity in the beauty of the objects;

* focus on natural materials

* promote functional furniture that hides items reminiscent of your everyday life (such as your job or any other obligations);

* highlighting a meticulously decoration to contemplate it them without obstacle;

* appreciate empty spaces

The deep conviction that an interior has more style with fewer objects makes even more sense. My journey into this philosophy of living continues every day. Minimalism, or rather My Minimalism, is now part of my projects and I want to adapt it to each client according to his needs and his way of life.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact me.

*an article dedicated to minimalism in its entirety will be published soon.

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