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Turn on the light

I have decided to deal with the complexe topic of the light. I was always struggled to understand which kind of lamp gives the best atmosphere to a space. It is indeed what can destroy a decor or sublime it. In this wide sector I will try to share with you a small part of what I have learned about light... and my favourite pieces.


One of my favourite light decor... lamps going down like bubbles. It gives a great energy to your room as weel as a lightness feeling. The gold and opaline chandelier makes a great effect in a dining room (from 200€ at madeindesign.com, La Redoute and made.com propose models from 160€ - going to higher level Flos starts from 280€). Différents shapes of pendants is also interesting. Choose a rigid metal attach to hang the lamp, the effect will be nicer. Simple bulb or chinese ball lamp (Ikea 2€) can definitely make the job as well.


Having various light points in a room helps to give a warm atmosphere. Adjustable floor lamp with dimmer is probably the most suitable way to manage the light the way you want.  I am in love with link floor lamp by CVL (price on request Haute Living). The minimal serie from Michael Anastassiades for Flos is simply divine. Switching to more accessible products you will find great style on lightcookie, La Redoute created a great range of lamps. Interesting Models on keria.com from 100€, made.com offers great deal as well as scandinaviandesigncenter. The classic Éclipse from Artemide makes a good job having a large range of light perceptions (around 120€).


My passion for minimal design, Nordic style and natural materials brings me to talk about the natural style lamp today. Love the wood lamp Holz from Satamo (from 125 €) & the Sinnerlig lamp from Ikea (49,9€). Cork material for lamp makes also great effect and push your ecological side 😉 - etsy from 49,9€. Oak lamp is making a fantastic light (johngreen from 99€). Birman lamp from Habitat is great as well (69€). 'Coup de cœur' on the Bamboo light from Nedgis (219€).


Bracket lamp is a great way to play with the light inside a room. It can highlight a frame or just brings a nice light flow. The trend of long arm lamp gives a beautiful look but also an alternative when you don't have any ceiling fixture for exemple in a dining room. Superstudio offers nice models from 180€ (depending on discount period) or Aliexpress from 140€. The alternative for a low budget is a hook with cables and bulb easy to do it yourself. Lumeers offers nice models from 45€. A beautiful style is available at La Redoute at 39.9€, a mix of classic and design style.

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