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Let's talk about accessories

The topic of accessories is one of my favourite one. It shows how some small pieces can make the differences in a decor. It is like fashion wearing the right belt or having the perfect shoes makes an huge difference. You place deserves the same attention to details!

GOLD TOUCH - art-deco is so back in our decor. Gold is a must have. Use as a detail on the furniture we can also bring it on our wall. This gold touch will put a modern luxury element in your room. Maison du monde is proposing a large range of frames starting from 39.9€. Westwing has a great range as well with a 'coup de coeur' for the lovely side sofa velvet & gold at 99€. La Redoute played the gold card as well with this lovely paper rack at 39,9€. Small lamp brings you a great feeling - Lightcookie offers you nice copy of famous design for great price. Using a paperwall makes a super nice look as well but requires a bit more work - great choice on London wallpaper or Misha I would not exclude doing a makeover of an accessory you already have like painting the leg of a chair or a table. Choose a spraypaint, easier to use!

GREEN TOUCH. If you are like me in love with plants but never achieved to keep them alive this might be the solution for you. I am in love with this terrarium. It does not need any kind of treatment and make great effect in your place. One of my favourite is the Green factory from Paris using bonzai (small size from 65€) . Nice terrarium to put on your wall available on Etsy. With a bit of hand work you can also easily do at home your own terrarium! The alternative is choosing cactus trying to be ingenious using a design recipient's like wooden boxes (vakodesign), minimal steel boxes (hubsch) or simply basket (large choice at Zarahome from 29,9€) . Your place will look alive with green spots.

FRAME TIME. Choosing the right frame with the perfect picture is challenging. In my experience you will 'ever get wrong with black and white. Playing with various shape and color frame makes it a bit more individual. Small tip try before to place them on the floor to make sure the composition is right. I sometimes use simple pictures from magazines I like and frame them. But most of the time buying original pictures with a Ikea frame makes it better. The famous Kate Moss picture is simply divine (available on Desenio at 70€ or various frame already made on made.com). Use an adhesive paper to put your own pictures on the wall. Go to a vintage market finding old pictures to re-use changing with a modern frames. Another detail I love is the written wall art. Select a small part of your wall and use it to write or let you friends writting. It makes it arty, cheap and easy to make. So work on your imagination, surf on Pinterest library for inspiration and do it with your heart....

BOHO LOOK AND FEEL. The revisited bohemian style makes lighter your interior. It brings freshness and it is easy to mix boho accessories with your own furnitures. The materials should be natural and fresh. Use wicker basket, tree table, linen blanket or even straw lamp. Chehoma propose a lovely swing chair. Fantastic suspension at Rock the Casbah (159€). Chunky knit blanket is a must have (35€ on etsy).

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