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Give another level to your space

Would you go to a job interview not properly dressed or prepared? The look of your space deserves the same treatment and home staging service can help you!

Home staging has been created in the United States in the 70'. It is now used in nearly 70% of real estate transactions on Anglo-Saxon markets.

This 'staging of the house' is a real estate marketing tool that allows you to value a property in order to obtain maximum profitability. It is also used for your own leaving place.

Before and after home staging

Do you want to sell or rent your place?

It's about making your property as attractive as possible on the market at the best price. The service aims to give the most complete support necessary to optimize the value of your property.

Only 8% of potential customers can imagine the potential of a space if it is not presented properly. So the goal is to take your home to the next level and make it easier for the customer to imagine himself leaving in.

A potential customer must be able to establish an emotional connection to be seduced.

It could be defined as an art of seducing the client by creating an inspiring interior and transmitting an emotion and the desire to leave in the place.

Home staging is also about an optimal digital marketing. The first real estate selections for a client is now done online and stimulated by a crush. This approach makes the digital development of the property on the market essential. The customer must be attracted by the property from the first clicks.

An adapted layout, an optimization of the space and a decoration offering a projection of the customer' life are assets which make it possible to quickly convince and to give to the potential customer the desire to make the space his own.

Whether it's a small apartment or a house, each property will come out with an atmosphere and a personalized design.

Do you want to give new look to your home?

A private home staging is a makeover of your leaving space. The mission is to help you realizing and interpreting your vision and giving space to your personality. Home staging or home styling provides suggestions for the best layout of your interior, the reorganization and reassignment of existing furniture and accessories to revive your space without incurring unnecessary costs.

Justinside is now proposing a home staging service. Check out the web page!

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